A Loss of Licence policy that once again puts the pilot first

Loss of Licence is understandably the most sought-after insurance policy for pilots.

Together with Millstream and Hiscox, we have built an extremely competitive policy that combines cover for both temporary and permanent loss of licence and which is, most importantly, specific to the licence you are currently flying on for temporary LOL payment. This means that claims will be paid for a temporary LOL with no requirement for your case to be assessed by another AME in a different jurisdiction.

Key benefits of the policy
  • Permanent and temporary LOL combined in one policy
  • Temporary LOL specific to the licence you are currently using for employment
  • 30 day waiting period for temporary LOL payment
  • Up to 80% of net monthly salary or a maximum of $18,000 covered for temporary LOL, with up to 24 months of payment.

Select your options below to view the applicable policy fee. There is no commitment or email required to use the calculator.

In the event of a Temporary Loss of Licence claim, your selected amount of ‘Cover’ can be used at 4% of the total sum insured per month for 24 months.  For example 200K cover would pay up to 8,000$ per month for 24 months or 450K would pay up to 18,000$ per month for 24 months.

N.B. The pricing matrix below is inclusive of any admin and payment fees. The price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden charges at any point in the payment procedure.



Licence-specific Loss of Licence insurance with 30 day waiting period

Unfortunately, too many Loss of Licence providers say they will offer cover to “any nationality on any licence,” but in reality offer terms for claim that are specific to the region of the insurer or the broker. Regrettably, this has resulted in a significant number of claims not being paid for pilots flying globally with differing medical standards from those “accepted” by the insurer.

Together with creating a policy that combines both temporary and permanent Loss of Licence scenarios, we have an emphasis on ‘licence currently used for employment’ to trigger the temporary LOL payment. This means that our members can join the policy globally, safe in the knowledge that they are covered under the policy regardless of the country in which they are currently flying.

Permanent loss of licence policies have long been a favourite amongst flight crew. However, with larger proportions of salary nowadays being paid in flight pay, more and more pilots also wish to insure themselves for temporary loss of licence. This helps with monthly expenses, given that invariably the pilot’s salary will be greatly reduced in such situations.

To request the policy wording, please email: insurance@mach8zero.com

About the insurer

The Loss of Licence insurance is underwritten by Millstream Global Flying on behalf of Hiscox Insurance Group.

Millstream Global Flying joined Millstream Underwriting Limited (a part of Nexus Group) in 2018. Previously known as Hiscox Global Flying, it has been offering Loss of Licence and Loss of Training Expenses insurance cover worldwide since 1996. Millstream Global Flying is a leading underwriting team and one of the most experienced in its field.

Hiscox is a global insurance company with 3400 employees in 35 offices across 14 countries, including a syndicate (#33) at Lloyd’s of London. This global presence enables Hiscox to offer insurance solutions worldwide covering a broad spectrum of risks.

Hiscox Insurance group has significant financial strength, demonstrated by A and A+ ratings from A.M. Best, Fitch and S&P. Their Lloyd’s syndicate is also rated A by A.M Best.

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