Mental wellbeing

The significance of mental wellbeing in flight crew is well documented and should not be overlooked.

At Mach8zero Premier, we believe strongly in the importance of mental wellbeing for flight crew.

This is why, in conjunction with our partner, we are working hard to create our very own global peer support programme inside the association, which would be the very first of its kind to reach a global audience. Mach8zero Premier is also proud to have partnered with an accredited specialist in aviation psychology to provide our members with access to any professional support they may require.

The Centre for Aviation Psychology (CAP) provides our members with access to confidential communication with an aviation psychologist, online or face-to-face clinical services, and the opportunity to access one of their specialist peer support programmes.

CAP has agreed to provide our members with an exclusive 25% discount on all their services.

About our Partner

The Centre for Aviation Psychology (CAP) was established in 2016 and focuses on mental well-being in aviation, with particular focus on flight crew. While CAP provides multiple services at a corporate level, it also provides individual, psychological assessment and treatment for those seeking it for themselves. As UK registered, clinical psychologists, Prof Bor and his colleagues have a wealth of experience supporting aircrew going through a tough time in their lives, whether that be in relation to their profession and/or their personal circumstances. By visiting members can read what the service entails.