Legal advice

Premier benefit legal-advice

Complimentary aviation related legal advice and assistance.

Would you know who to call if you had an incident on your flight, or if something happened down-route?

In the increasingly litigious society in which we live, the importance of sound legal advice in the highly regulated aviation industry cannot be underestimated. 

Mach8zero Premier has a panel of partner lawyers, including solicitors and barristers, with extensive knowledge of international aviation law.

As a Mach8zero Premier member, you have complimentary access to aviation-related advice from our legal panel, together with complimentary legal advice and assistance with any issues you may encounter down-route.

Members of our legal team have represented pilots and their families in global jurisdictions including the UK, USA, UAE, Vietnam, France, Nigeria, Tanzania and Pakistan – to name just a few.

Furthermore, our legal team is part of a global network of law firms spanning 100 countries worldwide.

Should you require legal assistance outside of aviation, our partners will connect you with a vetted law firm that you can trust in the required jurisdiction. This means you can get the advice you require without needing to search for a reputable law firm yourself.

We have negotiated a one-hour consultation free of charge for all our members followed by an ongoing discounted rate from any further services. 

About our Partners

Nexa law delivers evolved legal services to a broad spectrum of business and private clients. As a new model law firm, we have reimagined the way in which both lawyers and clients experience legal services. We offer a new way of doing business which breaks away from the traditional, rigid style of operation of most law firms to a more modern way of working based on a flexible, on demand approach. We believe that our clients deserve this new model of law firm which enables them to access the very best senior lawyers directly, and at a highly competitive cost. Read about our Core Values here: