Foreign exchange


Foreign exchange is such an integral
part of flight crews’ lives.

Whether changing currency to pay for expenses down route, or working abroad and needing a regular exchange service, or sending money abroad to pay for an asset, FX is a part of every flight crew members life.

The majority of mainstream banks and credit cards will charge in excess of 1-2% for FX services.

Most specialist FX companies will typically offer around 0.7-0.8%. If you shop around, some will reduce this to 0.4%-0.5% in exchange for a commitment to regular, large volume transactions.

As a Mach8zero Premier member, you no longer need to search for the best FX rates.  We have worked tirelessly to secure an FX partner that will offer our members an industry leading rate and an unparalleled service for the whole time you are an association member.

Aviation Forex, offers our members a headline rate of 0.28% on spot transactions, and access to your own individual online account so you can complete trades from the comfort of your own home.

Should you require advice on more complex trades, like forward transactions, the Aviation Forex team will be available to answer any questions and advise on the best solution.

About our Partner

Aviation Forex is part of the Industry Forex Group and our systems are powered by the same providers as Revolut

The world is becoming a smaller place; our customers are trading more globally and want the same level of service internationally as domestically. We give customers the ability to receive, convert and pay-out funds in an array of currencies using their own unique account details.

Our customers are used to a great experience when it comes to domestic transactions, so why not international? With Aviation Forex, our customers can receive and pay-out funds in different currencies using unique account details in their own name. Payment fees and rates are clear and transparent so our customers always know what to expect.