If for whatever reason you decide to cancel your membership, here you can find our termination terms and conditions. You can get familiar with the full version of our T&C’s and you can always reach us at members@mach8zeropremier.com with any membership query should you require an immediate assistance.

You can cancel your membership any time by cancelling the recurring payment online in the membership area of the Mach8zero Premier Website. Such cancellation requires one month’s notice.

This is how the date is going to be calculated:

  • If you became a Member on 6 May, you have to give notice so that there is at least one month between our receipt of your notice and the 6th day of any subsequent month, which means we have to have received your notice by the 6th of the month before.  If not, your Membership will expire on the 5th of the following month.
  • If you became a Member on 6 May, your one month’s notice is received 10 July, your Membership will end 5 September, because there is not one month between us receiving your notice and 5 August.
  • If you became a Member on 6 May, your one month’s notice is received on 4 September, your Membership will end on 5 October because you have given one month’s clear notice.

The reason for this policy is that Mach8zero requires at least one month to terminate benefits you have signed up to through your Membership.  Benefits will generally only be available whilst you are a Member.  If you have taken advantage of any benefit that post-dates the end of your Membership, you may lose the preferential rate to which you would have been entitled, had you remained a Member.

Termination of your Membership with Mach8zero will terminate all Membership Benefits. No refund of Membership Fees will be made in these circumstances.