About Membership

Cabin Crew

Working in aviation can mean a transient lifestyle. This comes with certain challenges.

With more and more flight crew members working or residing abroad, there’s a good chance that you have experienced some of these issues or worries.
  • Do you worry what would happen if you needed medical assistance in an unfamiliar foreign country?
  • Have you ever had an aviation related incident and needed legal advice, but didn’t know who to call?
  • Are you frustrated with the high minimum entry requirements set by leading global asset management firms?
  • Have you ever spent hours searching for insurance policies, only to then find out they aren’t available for your country of residence?
  • Have you ever needed assistance with multi-jurisdictional tax issues?
  • Do you constantly get hit with extortionately high FX rates?

Joining an association could be the answer to these problems… but the aviation community lacks a reputable global association available to all flight crew. Too many flight crew are excluded from associations because of the airline or region in which they are flying, or their nationality, or their country of residence. With more and more crew unable to join region-specific associations, many are left without a support network to assist them, increasing their anxiety and stress.

Without a support network many things become more arduous, from day-to-day situations and challenges like managing the constant need to change currencies without spending a fortune on fees, to potentially ruinous situations like lacking the appropriate insurance policies, or being unable to access good quality, trustworthy legal advice in difficult situations.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew who to turn to when you needed assistance with any of these things? Or to have access to insurance policies tailored specifically for flight crew, wherever you are in the world? Imagine being able to invest offshore for your retirement with some of the world’s leading asset management firms without having to do days and weeks of diligent research and learning a whole new financial field.

Imagine a 24/7 emergency helpline for members that assists you with all of those things and provides a range of means to support your everyday life as a flight crew member, all under one roof.

Imagine an association on which you can truly depend, anywhere in the world—that you know will give you whatever support you need, at any time, wherever you are.

Imagine, above all, a service that can provide you and your family with the security and peace of mind so crucially important in these uncertain times.

Introducing Mach8zero Premier, the exclusive global association for flight crew.

Mach8zero Premier is the world’s most innovative and dynamic global aviation community.

We provide instant access to perks and benefits essential for the day-to-day lives of flight crew, and we only partner with the world’s most respected firms, so our members can be comfortable they are supported by globally accredited brands.

Once you become a Mach8zero Premier member, you will have access to the most complete benefits package available to crew worldwide, including members-only benefits such as legal assistance, expert tax advice and global travel insurance; preferential FX rates; invitation-only investment plans; value-packed insurance products; and much more.

Mach8zero Premier membership is a rolling monthly subscription with no long-term commitments. Our team focus all their energy into maintaining the package of ongoing support for our members that we hope you won’t want to part with us; but just to provide you with extra peace of mind, our subscriptions can be cancelled with only one month’s notice.

You can join Mach8zero Premier from anywhere: thanks to the international presence of our partners, all our perks and benefits are accessible globally, irrespective of the airline or region in which you are flying.

Our vision is to provide our members with a support network they can truly depend on, anywhere in the world, whether they are a fixed wing or rotary pilot, flight attendant, trainee pilot or ex-crew member.