The exclusive global
association for flight crew

Become a member of Mach8zero Premier, the world’s most innovative and dynamic global association for flight crew and get instant access to a unique Benefits Package tailored for current and former crew worldwide.

Why join?

We are delighted to welcome all crew members to our association: fixed wing pilots, rotary pilots, flight attendants, trainee pilots as well as former crew. We also recognise that securing your family’s safety and future is everyone’s highest priority and therefore we are thrilled to be able to extend our Benefits Package to your close family members.

Take advantage of complimentary members-only benefits such as legal assistance and expert tax advice. Unlock preferential FX rates, invitation-only investment plans, signature insurance policies and much more.

Our vision is to provide our members with a support network they can truly depend on, worldwide. Thanks to the international presence of our partners, our Benefits Package is accessible globally, irrespective of the airline or region in which you are flying.

Feature Benefits

Insurance services

Together with our partner, a regulated Lloyds of London insurance broker, Mach8zero Premier have built a significant suite of insurance products for our members. These include Loss of Licence insurance with 30 day waiting period, Life Insurance with critical illness option, Private Medical insurance and Loss of Training expenses insurance. We also provide access to platinum standard global Travel Insurance for all our members.

Foreign exchange

Mach8zero Premier have partnered with a global FX specialist to deliver our members an industry leading rate and an unparalleled level of service. They provide a headline rate of 0.28% on spot transactions and access to your personal online account where trades can be completed.

Investment services

Mach8zero Premier have created an offshore international investment plan helping you save efficiently for your retirement. There are differing levels of risk depending on the Member’s individual investment goals, and as the plans are administered offshore, there are significant tax incentives. The investments are managed by one of the world’s leading asset management firms.   

Legal advice and assistance

Mach8zero Premier are proud to provide our members with complimentary aviation related legal advice from our highly respected aviation law partner, together with advice and assistance when down-route. Furthermore, all members have access to a global network of law firms at preferential rates, available for personal use.

Tax advice and assistance

In order to assist with the complications our members can encounter with contracts, basing and residence spanning multiple jurisdictions, Mach8zero Premier provide access to specialist tax advice from our global advisory partner. Members can enjoy an initial consultation complimentary, followed by ongoing preferential rates from further services.

Corporate and trust fund administrator

Mach8zero Premier provide access to professional services from one of the world’s largest independent corporate and trust fund administrators. Whether our members are looking to set-up a trust fund to secure their assets, seek individual pension advice or require assistance for a new business structure, our partner can provide these services on a global scale.

Other Benefits


Mach8zero Premier have partnered with a global staff travel provider and have also negotiated direct contracts with hotels, offering discounted packages and rates available exclusively for Mach8zero Premier members.  

Full flight simulator

Mach8zero provide in-house simulator training in a growing number of locations on a variety of aircraft types. Premier members can enjoy a 15% discount across all packages, whether you require interview preparation or licence revalidation/renewal..

Career transition training

Mach8zero Premier provide access to specialist career transition packages for our members affected by the Covid-19 pandemic or those requiring a career transition for other reasons such as loss of medical.

Mental wellbeing

Mach8zero Premier have partnered with a specialist aviation psychology centre in order to provide professional therapy sessions and access to peer support for our members at a significantly reduced rate. We are delighted to offer this service to our members given the effect Covid-19 has had on the aviation industry and its personnel.